Last Workout Before Our Road Trip

A great resistance band workout video!  We can do it on a road trip, as we’re bringing our resistance bands 🙂

We couldn’t really sleep last night, because of the water pump going on/off in the basement and it was just SO LOUD 😦  But, we’re so glad that it was working really well to keep all the rain water out of our house, so no complain!  Today is the last day we can go to the gym until we return home from our road trip.  “Chop, chop, chop!!” – my husband and I kept saying to give ourselves extra push to hit the gym :)

My workout this morning included:

Upper Body Workout (Focus On Chest):
•    Cable Chest Press   #35 3×12
•    Cable Back Row   #35 3×12
•    Dumbbell Bench Press   #12 3×12
•    Dumbbell Pec Fly   #12 3×12
•    Dumbbell Kick-Backs   8# 3×10

Lower Body Workout (Focus On Quads):
•    One Leg Squat   3×10
•    Straight Leg Press   #25 3×12
•    Calf Raises   #25 3×12
•    Leg Extension   #20 3×12 1 together, 2 alt, 3 my choice ;)
•    Thrust Sit Ups   3×12
•    Ab Pull-Ups   3×12

I cut down on exercises from Monday and changed the whole thing up a little bit.  They all fit within 60 minutes and I was still able to get good cardio:
•    20 minute intervals on rowing machine
•    20 minute intervals on bike

Between my strength conditioning training, I was showing my husband how to do bicep curls on a cable machine.  We both noticed many people at the gym were watching us and some of them approached us curiously by saying, “so, I see you got a new trainer!” or “shame on you!” (jokingly & friendly to my husband).  They were totally teasing him (with affection, of course)!  I was amused how people were responding to what we’re doing, not in a bad way.  I was rather flattered :mrgreen: I was proud that I could show my husband how much I’ve learned through my personal training & workshops 😉  I wasn’t sure how my husband was taking people’s interesting responses at first, but he soon told me, “it’s great!!  You should train me more, I think people like watching us work out together!!” 8-O He was enjoying all the attention!!  Boy, we’ve known each other 6 years now, but he still amuses me every so often.

After our workouts, we came home & had post-workout snack.  We have a busy day ahead of us to get ready for our road trip!!


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